Cars are everywhere in the U.S.  More than likely, if you are reading this then you own and drive a car every day.  I think this is an incredible thing that most overlook.

Recently, while looking out a window at work by a major highway, I couldn’t help but think about the massive number of people that pass by every minute of every day in a car.

In as simple terms as I can think of, cars get us from point A to point B; however, they also provide so much more than that.  Cars give us an experience, a feeling of excitement, pride, or relaxation.

The engine may roar.  Each noise providing a majestic sound of power.  The power felt as you get pushed back into the seat.  Watching as the lines on the road whiz by while the wind swirls.

The engine may be completely silent if electric.  The lack of sound providing a sense of incredible innovation.  The surprise as you push the pedal and the car lurches forward in its silent strength.

Seats of leather or cloth giving the driver and passengers a place to relax and experience the world from a unique vantage point as you glide across the pavement.

A variety of cars provide a variety of uses.

Pickup trucks employed to move and pull cargo.

Station wagons and minivans handling the task of family trips.

Sports cars flying across the asphalt for the thrill of speed.

Sport Utility Vehicles needed for reliable transportation on snow-covered roads.

Convertibles offering a sense of freedom with the air and sun rushing in.

Cars award us with the ability to travel to a nearby store or a far away destination with ease whenever we feel the urge to go.

From the Ford Model T to the Koenigsegg One:1, I have found appreciation in so many.  The unique variety of makes and models to colors and trim provide such a wide range of vehicles on the road.

My hope is that you might take a moment to appreciate the incredible journeys that cars allow us to take every day, no matter how far.



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