When my daughter took her first breath

I figured I would make my first post about something I have had the chance to talk about a lot in the last few months.

See, I have an 8-month-old daughter and a lot of people asked how everything went with her delivery.  The conversation always brought me back to the day she was born.

When my wife went into labor we then had to make the drive to the hospital.  What a drive it was.  It took nearly an hour through the start of rush hour traffic.  We arrived and immediately met a nurse in the hallway who to our delight had a South Dakota State University lanyard on (my wife and I both went to school there).  This was the start of a wonderful time at the hospital.  She led us to a room to get situated.

From that point forward, everything went incredibly well and also very fast.  My wife was as comfortable as a woman in labor can really be and was progressing very well.  After only a few hours, my daughter was well on her way into this world and I got to observe the miracle that is childbirth.  Once she arrived, I just could not comprehend how my daughter who moments ago was inside the womb with amniotic-fluid-filled lungs, was now breathing the same air as the rest of us.  In no time at all she went from essentially breathing fluids to breathing air.

To this day, I cannot comprehend how this is possible.  I learned during my wife’s pregnancy that babies actually practice breathing in the womb but this did not prepare me for the magnitude of what I was about to witness.  My daughter went 9+ months inside the womb, growing and developing, then in a fraction of a second engaged her lungs to breathe in air.  The human body is an incredible thing.

I hope this post and those in the future bring appreciation for the incredible things we experience, create, and endure.


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